Tutorial session

Tutorial session
Mitsuo Gen
Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute and Tokyo University of Science, Japan.

Recent Advances in Hybrid Metaheuristics and Applications: Intelligent Manufacturing & Sustainable Supply Chain Networks

Mitsuo Gen received his PhD in Engineering from Kogakuin University, PhD degree in Informatics from Kyoto University and is Senior Research Scientist at FLSI and Visiting Prof. at TUS. He was faculties at Ashikaga Institute of Technology for 1974‐2003, at Waseda University for 2003‐2010. He was visiting faculties at University of California at Berkeley for 1999.8‐2000.3, Texas A&M University for 2000, Hanyang University for 2010‐2012 and National Tsinghua University for 2012‐2014. His research field is Evolutionary Computation, Manufacturing Scheduling and Logistics Systems.