Organized Sessions

Organized Sessions
No. Title Organizer Affiliation Country
OS01 Artificial Intelligence and Robot for Human Jong-Wook Kim Dong-A University Korea
OS02 Big Data Analysis for Intellectual Property R&D (IP R&D) Sunghae Jun Cheongju University Korea
OS03 Continual Learning and Emergence of Intelligent Systems Yuichiro Toda Okayama University Japan
Naoki Masuyama Osaka Prefecture University
Seiki Ubukata
Wei Hong Chin Tokyo Metropolitan University
OS04 Cyber Physical System, Chaotic Dynamic and Deep Learning in Industrial and Emotion Application Youngchul Bae Chonnam National University Korea
OS05 Fuzzy Modeling and Its Applications Jin Hee Yoon Sejong University Korea
OS06 Intelligent Systems for Robotics and Vehicles Young-Jae Ryoo Mokpo National University Korea
OS07 Technical Application of Automation in Maritime Domain Joo-Sung Kim Mokpo National Maritime University Korea
OS08 Intelligent Systems using Biosignal and Biopotential Han Ul Yoon Yonsei University (Mirae Campus) Korea
OS09 Digital Twin for Smart River Management Ho Hyun Lee K-water Korea
OS10 Smart/Autonomous Ship Kwangil Lee Korea Maritime and Ocean University Korea
OS11 Intelligent Systems and Fuzzy Modeling Jin-Tsong Jeng National Formosa University Taiwan
Shun-Feng Su National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
OS12 Maritime PNT(Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) and GIS Sang Hyun Park KRISO Korea
OS13 AI, SW quality and test automation design Jung-Sook Kim Kimpo University Korea
OS14 Perception in Self-Driving Vehicles Gon-Woo Kim Chungbuk National University Korea
OS15 Intelligent Robotic Systems Sungshin Kim Pusan National University Korea
OS16 High performance knowledge system and its application to intelligent system for the elderly Jin-Woo Jung Dongguk University Korea
OS17 Artificial Intelligence in Metaverse and SCADA Jung-Sook Kim Kimpo University Korea
OS18 Communications and Signal Processing for Intelligent Robot Suk-Seung Hwang Chosun University Korea
OS19 Biomedical Signal Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches Do-Won Kim Chonnam National University Korea
OS20 Human Symbiotic Systems Tsuyoshi Nakamura Chubu University Japan
OS21 AI & Robotics based on agricultural big data in smart farm Inhoon Jang Hankyong National University Korea
OS22 Biometric Applications Myung Geun Chun Chungbuk National University Korea
OS23 Application of Intelligent Mobile Robots Yong-Tae Kim Hankyong National University Korea
OS24 Applications to Deep Learning Byung-Jae Choi Daegu University Korea
OS25 Deep learning and intelligent systems Jee-Hyong Lee Sungkyunkwan University Korea
OS26 Maritime Digital Transformation Han-Seon Park Korea Maritime Institute Korea
OS27 Spiking Neural Networks and Edge Computing Keon Myung Lee Chungbuk National University Korea